Nutrition and Other Services

the lagniappe services offered by virtue strength and conditioning.


Level 3 Nutrition

Twelve weeks of nutrition coaching designed specifically for you to be in peak condition for a specific event.  Level 3 nutrition coaching is meant for:

  • Individuals competing in bodybuilding and fitness/figure.
  • Individuals who compete in weight-class sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, weightlifting, and powerlifting
  • Individuals that desire to be as lean as possible for a specific event like a photo shoot, reunion, or role in a film or TV show.    

Remote Coaching

Discover the difference between a generic program and program that is designed specifically for you. The remote coaching program:

  •  Is designed with your specific goals in mind
  • Optimizes results based on the time that you have available to train
  • Targets your individual weaknesses to help prevent injuries and maximize performance
  • Provides weekly interaction and feed-back with your coach

Expert Training Plans

Choose one of the several expert designed training programs for a specific goal. Some examples include:

  • Muscle Gain
  • Fat-loss
  • Endurance Racing 
  • Tactical Strength
  • Bodyweight/Gymnastics