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Remote Coaching

Remote coaching is for individuals seeking to maximize their strength and conditioning progress. Every person's body is unique. Everyone has different goals, different amounts of free time, different lifestyles, and different injury histories.    


When you work one on one with a Virtue Coach you recieve: 

  • A one-hour initial Skype or phone call with your coach plus weekly email support
  • The best possible program for your specific goal
  • Exercise prescription based on your past experience with exercise and history of injury
  • A plan built around your weekly schedule
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure optimum progress toward your goal
  • The ability to submit exercise videos to critique your execution of exercises to ensure maximum benefit and safety 
  • Week by week adjustments in training volume and intensity based on feedback from the previous training week.

Remote Coaching is an initial 12 week commitment with program updates every 6 weeks after the initial 12 weeks.  



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